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Nature's Coir loose coco bag / uncompressed coco coir


Nature's Coir loose coco/uncompressed coco peat is wonderful product. A truly exceptional ready-to-use coco coir based potting soil. We use coco coir which is exceptionally low in salt (after repeated washing with fresh water) to make this hydroponic soilless medium. Nature's coir coco peat based hydroponic soilless media is engineered to allow gardeners to feed heavier for greater yields. Works great in hydroponic applications and container gardening. 

When using coco coir as growing medium, we highly recommend buffering of coco coir products. The buffering process involves pre-soaking the coir for 12-24 hours with a buffering solution high in calcium; this displaces the sodium and balances the naturally occurring potassium. After the soaking period the media is washed with water, this removes the displaced sodium, leaving the calcium in the coir. This buffering process prevents unwanted draw down or ‘lockout’ of calcium and magnesium, and avoids sodium toxicity issues.

Product specifications:
Unit volume    50 liters and 70 liters bags
Moisture 10-15%
pH 5.8-6.8
EC <0.5 ms/cm super washed
Packing Palletized shrink wrapped
Load-ability 40 feet container (50 liter size 1800 bags, 70 liter size 1300 bags)
20 feet container (50 liter size 900 bags, 70 liter size 650 bags)
Package options Bags on pallet and shrink wrapped
Labeling/Branding Custom labeling/branding available upon request

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